Sunday, 3 October 2010

Master chief.


Well today I went and bought myself the collectors edition of Halo Reach. I can happily say it's been one of the best things i've bought in a long while for myself. To open a box and be surprised about all the hidden extras is insane. That picture does it no justice as the stuff shown is only the main stuff you get. I havn't played the actual game yet but later on I'm going to sit on my own and play an hour of the campaign before I get destroyed online by people who don't sleep.


Recently I've found myself landed into a job that suits me to the ground. I also just found out that during the christmas period there will be no work so i will have to sign on for a couple of months until the work comes flooding back. This also suits me as I love christmas time and make the most of it wether i'm skint or not.

Life seams to be on the up for me and I felt uncomfortable with it at first. I learned how to just absorb it and take everyday as it comes. I'm now happier with myself as a person and who i'm slowly becoming. I'm done with being the misanthropic guy I was a few months back. I'm now positive and I'm not letting negative people drag me down to their level anymore.


Be yourself. Be happy.

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