Saturday, 25 December 2010

Dream notes.

Basically I feel I need to blog this because it's struck me as really fucking odd.

Last night was Christmas eve right... Most people dream about really nice stuff on this night of all nights. Not Me.

I had a dream I was locked in a hotel room with a bat and nothing else (as far as I was aware) and I was a full blown murderer. Every time a maid tried to enter the room I would get my bat wait for her head to appear round the door and then I would do a jabbing motion into her temple and crush her head against the wall. I could even feel the skull crush under the weight of my blows. THEN There was Pinhead strapped to one iron bed and then another killer on another but he had his arm free with some type of weapon in his hand. Pinhead told me how to throw shards of sheet metal like ninja stars at this guy to kill him. I only got a him a few times and didn't kill him though which I found odd.

The weirdest part about this dream was that I enjoyed the killing and it felt almost like a game/game show. 

God knows what's going on in my head but I know one thing's for sure... I need a real dream analyst to tell me about it haha


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