Sunday, 24 October 2010

Round 2

Ever since Zenith split up I had a massive void in my life. It genuinly felt like my heart had been ripped out and thrown in a blender. Music has always played a massive part in my life and kept me from doing stupid shit since a young age. In a sense it saved my life completely and kept me on the straight and narrow. 

The hardest part about the split to me was easily the fact we had so much going for us and we just didn't grasp it quick enough. All down to poor management. i'm not going to name and shame but after our amazing run of shows including Bloodstock '07 and our near sold out album launch at Rescue Rooms we took on someone I personally thought I could trust. We relied on this guy with our lives and future under his wing. We waited for big things but nothing ever happened and we were made to realise it was us who were still pulling our weight. By this point it was too late, Devastated is the only word I can think of for this thought.

On the bright side of all of this... I've been looking for a drummer for a long time now to start up a new project... Tonight is the night I found one. I'm quite happy to jump into the void with this guy and plow through some songs that have been on my mind for a long time. I've seen some videos of him play and i'm happy enough to say the guy shreds his kit. 

Tonight could be the start of something big... Fingers crossed. This might be my last chance to take life by the nuts and take what I can from it. I'm only happy when i'm stood on a stage infront of a room full of blank faces trying to win them over with what I created along with a bunch of other dudes.

This is MY future... You can't and won't stop me.

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